Oak Grove Cemetery of Falmouth is the final resting place for some 3,000 souls, many of local, regional and national renown - including Katharine Lee Bates. Located in Falmouth Massachusetts and designed in the Mount Auburn Style, Oak Grove is rich in New England history and is listed on the "National Register of Historic Places." This non-denominational cemetery encompasses 22 acres and is still active. The cemetery is privately owned by its members, they being anyone who owns a cemetery lot. The cemetery is managed by the Oak Grove Cemetery Association of Falmouth. Its Board of Directors is composed of active members whose priority is to preserve the character of Oak Grove Cemetery for future generations.

"After the wake and the flowers,
the laughter and tears,
the prayers and the final blanket of earth,
what remains of us is the most precious thing of all
- our loved ones."

It is for our loved ones we wish to leave a place that is welcoming and serene. In a world of increasing complexity, Oak Grove will bequeath quiet moments and fond recollections for generations to come.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

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