Parke Chapel:

In 1915 Mrs. Parke bequeathed $4000 to Oak Grove for the erection of a memorial chapel. Mrs. Parke's husband, George W. Parke, owned the Spring Cove Wharf Company located on what is now the town dock in West Falmouth harbor. During the late 1800s, schooners used the wharf to discharge coal for Falmouth and West Falmouth residents. According to Mrs. Parke's will, the memorial chapel was to be made of concrete, hold at least 50 people, and be built near the Parke burial lot.

Designed by Gunnar Peterson, the chapel was finally erected in 1935. It is the cornerstone of Oak Grove, being a simple brick structure with white trim, tall entrance columns, and high window and door arches - all in keeping with traditional New England architecture.

The chapel underwent a complete restoration and modernization in 2008. Part of this restoration was the creation of a Memorial Courtyard and pathway connecting the chapel to the administrative/service building. The courtyard includes memorial benches and is bordered with engraved memorial bricks.

That chapel is heated, seats 50 in padded church-style pews, has a lectern, two separate bathrooms and an area in which to hang coats.

Parke Chapel is a beautiful and convenient location for memorial ceremonies. It is available year-around to cemetery members (lot owners). A donation for use of the Chapel is welcomed, but no fee is required.

Our deep thanks to Mrs. Parke for her vision and inspiration in bequeathing Parke Chapel to Oak Grove Cemetery.

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